My Apps and iOS9

Apple will most likely release iOS9 in the next couple of weeks, i've been beavering away behind the scenes here at Dorada HQ getting everything ready.

Here are the highlights:


Will be completely compatible with iOS9, supporting front and back cameras and variable brightness "flash" to use as a nightlight. Also unlimited range monitoring for use with LTE / 3G or across different WiFi networks.


Added a WatchOS2 audio recording app to record directly on the watch and automatically upload onto your iPhone when its next available. Also added the ability to retrospectively strip out silences in the recording. Fixed a couple of long running bugs.


Support iOS9 features such as picture in picture video, split screen support and the new Safari view controller. The watch app has been re-written in WatchOS2 to make it faster and more reliable.

Its tough on the App Store®

Today one of my long time competitors whose product I've admired and respected has called it quits:

I'm very sorry to hear this but the fact is that it's tough to make money on the App Store. Customers (rightly) demand high quality software which takes time to create, test and support and this requires a business to reach a sustainable income.

For those counting, this is less than 1 year since Overcast entered the Podcast App marketplace, bringing a beautiful UI and some of the sound processing features that RSSRadio has featured for some time to the masses with Marco's popularity and following. Thats a tough act to follow.

Over this time I've pushed RSSRadio further than I ever thought possible, paying careful attention to the design and usability. This hard work has been successful, delivering customers with a better application and me and my family with a continued living.

This won't be the only high profile casualty we see this year on the App Store, but what I can tell you is that Dorada won't be one of them. My business remains profitable and diversified.

So long Instacast, you will be missed.