Yesterday RSSRadio's servers were upgraded to support PubSubHubBub, this new technology allows providers to push content rather than the servers having to poll for new shows.

What this means is that rather than the servers having to look for new shows at regular intervals, providers will notify either the Google Public Hub or the Superfeedr Public Hub and RSSRadio's servers will send out a push notification to get your show downloading immediately.

This technology is currently supported by over 10,000 podcast feeds.

Looking for New Content? RSSRadio Has You Covered!

Thanks to the large number of people who participate in the "Vote in Top Podcasts" system, RSSRadio can now offer personalised recommendations if you are looking for more content.

These recommendations are based on your existing subscriptions using a mathematical system called "collaborative filtering" to analyse millions of podcast subscriptions, all performed on RSSRadio's server in an instant for you.